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The AlvaradoRey Agency continues its long tradition of representing talented actors from all over the world, theatrically and commercially in Los Angeles.

Since 1941

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    headshotAlvaradoRey is proud to represent Alina Robert,
    who shines in this reel of her work.



    headshotCheck out the premier of Magic Funhouse featuring the talented Jess Weaver!
    The rest of the season can be seen on on https://www.fullscreen.com
    A new episode will air every Thursday.



    Check out Samba Schutte's new demo real.
    His characters are wonderful.


    Vivis Colombetti was in a riveting new production of the Medea story at the Getty Villa in Malibu.





    Congratulations to Valenzia Algarin
    for being chosen Best Female Actor in a Feature Film
    by the Gwinnett Center International Film Festival





    alanMaxsonAlvaradoRey is always on the look out for unique talent to help you with your production needs. Alan Maxson is an actor who specializes in monster & creature performance. Experienced with life casting, full body suits, make-up, prosthetics, stilts & creature like movements.

    Visit his photos on instagram for a current and fun look behind the scenes as to how monsters are created. http://instagram.com/monster_maxson



    The beloved Tonita Castro passed away in May of 2016 and has been a great loss to those of us who knew her. She was a beautiful person and a dear friend.
    Watch Tonita Castro's wonderful work on these clips from "Dads"


    Congratulations to Valenzia Algarin on her role on BLACK JESUS and the rest of the cast who are doing such great work! Black Jesus ranked No. 1 in its time period among all targeted adult and male demos.


    Vivis Colombetti has recently had success with two very diverse roles. In the horror film OIJA, Vivis plays "Nona" (see trailer HERE), Then she has had a recurring role as the mother "Rosario" in the HULU Original series EAST LOS HIGH. Congratulations to Vivis for the great work!


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