Nikkolas Rey, who began in the business as an actor, worked in a variety of positions before Mona Lee’s fateful call. Originally a client of Mona Lee’s, he had worked as her assistant before his jobs as a production coordinator (Nosotros) and a casting director (at Mambo casting Hispanic commercials).

Nikkolas considers his experience casting at Mambo to have been an excellent way to train to be an agent. Until Mona Lee called to say that she was retiring, Nikkolas was considering becoming a casting director, but the idea of following in the footsteps of Uncle Carlos and Mona Lee was too appealing to pass up, so in July of 2000, Rey became the new owner of the Alvarado Rey Agency.

Rey feels that he not only knows the agency well, but that his activities producing and casting within the Hispanic and European acting community give him an edge in his approach to marketing his actors.

The Alvarado Rey Agency reps clients theatrically and commercially, as well as for Voice over work, and calls Hispanic and European actors in regularly from the pictures and resumes they receive in the mail because Nikkolas believes “you have to see and meet with an actor in order to know if something jumps out at you and you want to work with them.”

"When I was an actor, I wish I had understood the value of focus. Actors come in and read for me all the time and haven’t made a 100% clear choice. I want an actor who can make a choice. A bad choice is better than none. That shows me you have guts. You make a choice and you go with it."